Religious Guidance Field Trip toward Madrasah Students at Kumpeh Ulu Muaro Jambi



Lecture field trips are visiting activities to certain objects outside the campus environment. The goal is to achieve certain instructional in education. Students are invited to see directly and apply the knowledge they have acquired in college. The object to be studied is to develop thinking and stimulate creativity because students witness and prove the social phenomena that occur. Through exploring learning resources in the environment, indirectly lecturers have brought students closer to the environment while at the same time carrying out community service as part of the tri dharma of higher education.

Field Trips for students are part of a strategy to educate, mature, and liberate students in developing student thinking (Learning to think), adding to the teaching experience (Learning by experience), creating a sense of caring (Learning to care), and a sense of responsibility towards the surrounding community (Learning to live together). field trips or learning with direct experience (hands-on experience). So, field trips are very suitable for use in study programs where the discussion is environmental in nature or the object of study is in the community and nature, for this reason, the Islamic Extension Guidance Study Program of the Faculty of Da'wah carries out this activity.

Delivering Practical Worship Guidance

The Field Trip Goes To Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Nurul Falah, Kumpeh Ulu District, was held for two days from 26 November to 27 November 2022. The Student Association of Islamic Counseling Department invited some students who wanted to be directly involved to come to the location. In this activity, students directly meet village leaders, madrasa teachers, and students. The material presented is how students carry out ablution and prayer, individually or together. Students directly guide students who are also invited to do activities around the village for ice breaking and deliver elementary Islamic counseling.

The village atmosphere surrounded by oil palm plantations makes students feel that they are in an area that really requires the seriousness of educators to guide village children. Madrasah students also feel that they have a new atmosphere because the students who come to invite them to do activities and walk around the madrasa while learning to memorize. For field trip students, community service also provides the experience of teamwork and cohesiveness. Evaluation of this activity is preparing other locations for similar activities and the flow of material to be delivered, as well as assigning students who must deliver the material in a certain method.

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