Caring for the Environment in Muaro Jambi



The Office of the Environment is a Regional Technical Institution in districts and cities which is one of the supporting elements for the Regent's duties. The task of the Department of the Environment is to carry out the preparation and implementation of specific regional policies. Based on Government Regulation Number 18 of 2016 concerning Regional Apparatus Article 35 paragraph two, district/city Regional Offices are led by service heads who are located under and are responsible to the Regent/Mayor through the Regency/City Regional Secretary.

The Muaro Jambi Environmental Service is an implementing element of regional autonomy and has the task of carrying out regional government affairs based on the principles of autonomy and assistance tasks. The Service is led by a Head of Service who in carrying out his duties is under and responsible to the Regent through the Regional Secretary. The vision of the Muaro Jambi Environmental Service is the realization of optimal, sustainable, and environmentally sound management of potential natural resources towards the completion of Muaro Jambi in 2022. To implement this vision, the agency will strive to improve institutional capacity and the quality of environmental apparatus, realizing an environmental information system in an integrated manner, improving the quality of planning and assessing environmental impacts, and improving the quality of control, control and prevention of environmental damage, improving the quality of environmental law enforcement, improving the function of environmental laboratories, and increasing community development and participation in the management of natural resources for the environment.

These efforts will be carried out through a solid waste management performance development program, a program to control pollution and environmental damage, a forest and land rehabilitation program, and a program to protect and conserve natural resources and the environment.

Clean Environment Advocacy with the Environment Agency

Practical Field Experience of the Da'wah Faculty of UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi seeks to increase cooperation with parties outside the campus in advancing student education. In addition, this activity is expected to give birth to students who are tough, superior, have noble personalities, and can become individuals who help solve problems when they are already involved in the community. A series of interdisciplinary integrative activities that are strategically packaged to solve problems thoroughly and are carried out with the government and the community by playing the role of the community as an important and main actor and involving other relevant stakeholders. In this case, students are played as problem solvers, motivators, facilitators, and dynamic actors in the process of problem-solving and community development/development.

Through the concept of practical field experience, it is hoped that the presence of students as young intellectuals will also be able to be involved in finding solutions to environmental problems by being involved in the work of the Department of the Environment, which on this occasion is in Muaro Jambi. While carrying out practical field experience activities at the Muaro Jambi Environmental Service, the participants were placed in several existing fields, namely the Environmental Law Compliance Sector, the Environmental Information Communication Sector and Community Empowerment, the Environmental Damage and Pollution Control Sector, and the Environmental Management and Resource Studies Sector. Nature Power. These four fields have regular work and students are placed in fields during the PPL period and rotated to other fields so that students can learn from various fields within the scope of the Muaro Jambi Regency Environmental Service. Students were involved in testing wastewater quality standards at several locations in Muaro Jambi, participated in Department officers monitoring the environmental situation of Kopra warehouses in Kumpeh, and were given knowledge of methods of conveying environmental education to the community. Through field experience with the Muaro Jambi Regency Environmental Service, students are expected to be able to apply extension knowledge when they are in social life, therefor the students are also able to save the environment around them

Based on experience while carrying out the Field Experience Practice at the Environmental Service, students claim to gain new knowledge that cannot be obtained on campus.

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