The Women’s Existence in The Media


Discussion of "gender" in the academic world and even in the mass media, can be understood more broadly from the point of view of violence against women, meaning that women in certain positions will be placed as displays or objects that are subordinated to their position in the world of journalism. Discussions about gender can provide very meaningful lessons in social life, especially in social relations between men and women. In the media, some cases even encourage the emergence of various kinds of violence against women and children, which should not be exemplified by the media as public consumption and without limits.

There is a lot of news about violence experienced by women in the domestic and public, which cannot be separated from the attention of gender observers. Often found in reporting on rape, the mass media uses inappropriate and humorous language in its presentation by prioritizing news about sexual activity, not highlighting criminal cases that violate the law.

Women are a global issue that never ends because women and men have the same human rights as social and cultural changes in society. So it is difficult to avoid reporting about women in the national and international media that has positive or negative tones. Because women's problems are no longer the concern of local governments, but also become the spotlight of countries in the world.

The journalism profession since the war period has been closely related to men. Therefore, only men are capable of carrying out journalistic duties, not women. It is this doctrine that causes the unequal position of men and women in the world of journalists. Even though the journalistic profession is not in favour of one particular gender, sometimes the media industry is involved in sacrificing women for not being part of the journalism section.

Feminists believe that the media should play a role in creating gender equality and justice. The involvement of women in the world of journalism and media will contribute greatly to determining the issues that must be raised from a woman’s perspective. Therefore, the study of journalism has developed and considers the importance of women-oriented journalism, which is known as gender perspective journalism.

Women began to be interested in entering the world of journalism, starting with reporters, cameramen, and others. The gender differences that occur between men and women in the work environment are gradually receding, so the emergence of women has also begun to get a position that is starting to be taken into account in the world of journalism even though working in this field requires extra responsibilities. Therefore, this article will discuss the issue of the existence of women in the media.

The Existence of Women in the Media

The existence of women journalists can be seen from several aspects including the productivity of journalistic work in the Jambi Ekspres media, as well as the strategic role of women journalists structurally and their existence in journalist organizations. The journalist profession is the same as any other profession, namely a profession that does not treat gender-based discrimination. men and women have equal opportunities to pursue this profession, as journalists, photojournalists, cameramen, and reporters. In journalism, the assessment is emphasized on the principle of professionalism, regardless of the gender of a journalist, wherever they are placed, and whatever their position is.

Productivity of female journalists in local media such as Jambi Ekspres, women has an existence in making news if you can compare them to male journalists. In this way, women journalists in local media are very productive in their fields as secretaries, marketing, ad managers, events, and businesses. The comparison of the position of female journalists in the newsroom is less than that of men, it can be said that there are only 2 to 3 female journalists in some areas and only 6% occupy the position of top media editors. The small number of women journalists who occupy policy-making positions makes women journalists often discriminated against in their work treatment, even though they have the same responsibilities as male journalists.

The media industry is not free from inequality and discrimination against women journalists, either when carrying out their duties or through the rules imposed by media companies. The efforts made by women journalists to fight for their rights and contribute their thoughts are a form of awareness for women in fighting for their existence in the media industry.

The public's view of women who work as journalists is an unpromising and interesting job to choose from. Social assessments of this tend to have an impact on the existence and role of women journalists in the media who are considered one eye and belong to marginalized groups. Whereas Journalism is a job that seeks and presents information to the public. The presence of women as journalists makes the desire for gender equality even greater. This will contribute to the gender equality movement which is not stopped by journalists' organizations and women's organizations.

 Barriers to Women Journalists in the Media

The social and cultural construction of society shapes women into weak, emotional human beings who cannot stand suffering and accept challenges. Journalists’ work that demands high mobility will certainly spend time and energy to be ups and downs for every journalist, especially if female journalists are married and have children. Work responsibilities and family responsibilities require every female journalist to be able to manage time amid a double burden. However, a journalist is required to have physical health, accuracy, and speed of thinking in finding, processing, and disseminating news or information. A journalist can’t carry out their responsibilities without having adequate knowledge about the media. Knowledge and experience of being a journalist will support them to carry out their obligations properly.

A journalist's confession shows that discriminatory treatment is not uncommon in obtaining news. Male journalists who dominate in obtaining news in the field have an impact on the neglect of female journalists who should have the same rights as female journalists. The different treatment of rights has an impact on women journalists not getting news or information, this is then related to their responsibility to provide news to the media.

The above case is not difficult to find in Jambi local media, especially Jambi Express. The statement above shows that the existence of women in the field is not always good, providing information and the injustice experienced by women journalists shows that they are still underestimated by the community. Women as journalistic workers have the same main task as male journalists, which is to present information to the public to eradicate ignorance and provide reliable and correct information according to reality. The meaning of the profession as a female journalist perceives herself in the world of journalism based on experience and knowledge that will determine the level of deepening and understanding of the meaning of her profession as a female journalist.

The existence of women journalists amid the domination of men and the dual roles they assume does not prevent them from carrying out their duties and responsibilities as professional journalists. Experience and knowledge simultaneously strengthen the position

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