Drug Hazard Counselor Education


Responding to the increasing and increasingly serious development of narcotics, in 2002 through the General Session of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR-RI) stipulated TAP MPR Number VI/MPR/2002 which provided recommendations to the DPR-RI and the President of the Republic of Indonesia to amend the law. Number 22 of 1997 concerning Narcotics. The government and DPR-RI then passed Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. Based on Law number 35 of 2009, the National Narcotics Agency or Badan Narkotika Nasional (abbreviated as BNN) is given the authority to investigate narcotics and narcotic precursor crimes. The institutional status of BNN is a Non-Ministry Government Institution (LPNK) with a vertical structure to Provinces and Regencies/Cities. Jambi City BNN is one of 129 Regency/City BNNs, which was formed on January 2, 2012.

The Jambi City National Narcotics Agency has a vision "to become a BNN representative in Jambi City who is professional and able to unite the steps of all components of society, the nation, and the Indonesian state in implementing the prevention and eradication of drug abuse and illicit traffic (P4GN)." In accordance with this vision, the Faculty of Dakwah sent students to be involved in the work of BNN Jambi City through Field Experience Practice.

Involved in the Activities of the Jambi City National Narcotics Agency

The Jambi City BNN office has a building consisting of 2 floors, located on an area of approximately 414 square meters. This office has three divisions, namely the Prevention and Community Empowerment Division, the Rehabilitation Division, and the Eradication Division. The involvement of Dakwah Faculty students alternately in these three fields, in accordance with the objectives of the Field Experience Practice program, namely to form or train students to see how the counseling process is carried out by extension agents at the Jambi City National Narcotics Agency in providing understanding and information about the dangers of narcotics and how is the recovery process carried out for drug addicts both from the community, entrepreneurs, educators and also students. In order to be able to form and prepare themselves to become professional and competent extension workers. The specific objective for participants in the Field Experience Practice is to add insight and experience as well as to find out the counseling techniques used by the Jambi City National Narcotics Agency in providing counseling to the community

For one month, through three divisions of the Jambi City National Narcotics Agency (BNNK), we were involved in carrying out activities in the General Sub-Division, the Prevention and Community Empowerment Section, the Rehabilitation Section, and the Eradication Section. Every week we get rolling assignments to existing fields. The activities we have carried out are in the Prevention and Community Empowerment Sector, on September 19-23 2022, Participating in Drug Counseling activities in Kampung Rajo, we were involved as organizers of P4GN activist workshops in the community, became moderators of P4GN activist workshops in the business environment. Then on October 10-14 2022, we are involved in activities in the Prevention and Community Empowerment Sector. The activities in this field are conducting Legal Awareness Counseling in Jambi Kwartir, Drug Danger Counseling in Rajo Village, and Counseling for Smart Youth Without Drugs. In the Rehabilitation Sector, we also get an understanding of how to help direct patients in filling out data when going for a urine test, assisting in taking urine samples, recording drug-free letters to patients (SJHPN),

Community Service-based Field Experience that focuses on counseling with the Jambi City National Narcotics Agency (BNNK Jambi), we can witness firsthand and experience as well as understand the techniques used in delivery, and material presented in Counseling on Drug Hazards, both for teenagers, as well as other communities. Counseling also uses interesting games so that teenagers who are participants do not feel bored. Apart from teenagers, the Jambi National Narcotics Agency counseling also targets the general public, small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs, religious leaders, and school teachers. The challenge going forward is gadgets. We observed that while delivering counseling about the dangers of drugs, there were still many teenagers who weren't focused and were still engrossed in playing with their gadgets. This is a challenge that must be faced by a counselor in order to be sensitive and find alternative methods to deal with it.

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